Q’ero Elder from the Andes Mountains in PERU
Don Pablo Cruz Quispe

The Q’ero are descendants of High Priests to the Incan Empire. It is my pleasure to offer this unique opportunity to work directly with and learn teachings from this ancient culture.       

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Healing White Light
83 South Main Street Newtown, CT 
Sunday October 22nd,10am Despacho & Karpay Ceremony $225
Private Healing Sessions October 21st, 23rd & 24th
$225/session   Contact Deana Paqua (203) 994-5045

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Ceremonies/Events. Thank you for your continued support.
Scholarships can be made available to those in sincere need

What is a Despacho Ceremony?  

Despacho is a gift we to offer to Creation. It is a living mandala we build together with items gathered from our environment to bring life to our prayers and share our intentions with Spirit. Weaving the three worlds of existence together with the Feminine & Masculine energies, The upper (Hanoq Pacha), the middle (Kay Pacha) and the lower worlds (the Uku Pacha) come into harmony & brings us into balance with all our relations.  



What is a Karpay Transmission?

Karpay Transmission is where a Paco (an Incan Priest) intercedes on our behalf by invoking the Elemental Beings to assist us in the shift from the human beings we are to the luminous beings we are all becoming. Once the intentional luminous seed planted by them and fed by us, infuses itself to our DNA, it expands our luminous fields & better aligns us with that transformational process. The Q’ero Karpay expedites this process exponentially.

The prophecies of  the Hopi, the Mayan, the Maori and many more indigenous people have spoken of these times saving certain ceremonies to help all of mankind. All who receive this gift from them become initiated Pacos of the ancient lineage of the Q’ero people.


Energy Healing for the Empath

Self - Healing Techniques and Survival Skills for the Empath

Sunday, November 5, 2017

1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Registration deadline is Saturday, Nov 4th.  Early registration is recommended to ensure your space.

Are you an Empath?  Empaths are highly sensitive individuals who so often struggle with navigating emotionally, physically, energetically, and spiritually in life.  

Many go through life experiencing so many challenges, and are unaware of the source of their sensitivity; and some do realize the source of their sensitivity, but are not sure how to work with the challenges that come along with it.  Although being an Empath can be a unique road to walk, it does not have to disable you, and you can learn to manage it and survive in a balanced and healthy way with this intuitive ability. 

This workshop will discuss the components of being an Empath, and incorporate self-healing skills and tools to assist with the process of managing this ability in a balanced and healthy way.  

No experience necessary, this workshop is open to anyone called to learn self-healing tools and skills to assist them with their Empath sensitivity.    

Energy Healing for the Empath Workshop Includes the following:

- Class Lecture & Discussion

- Grounding & Balancing Techniques

- Protection Techniques for Self Survival & Energy Preservation

- How to Identify, Discern, & Work with your Empathic Psychic & Emotional Signals

- Transformation Techniques for Clearing Toxic Energies

- A Shamanic Ceremony for Release & Empowerment

- A Customized Medicine Bag for Empaths


Location: Healing White Light - 83 South Main Street, Newtown, CT

Exchange: $75 - Pre-registration with payment solidifies a space.

Registration:  Contact Joy at 203-4720-1226 to register.  Space is limited.  Ages 18 and up to attend.







Women's Spirit Circle

Next Circle Will Be On  Sunday, November 5th, 4:30pm-6:30pm


Welcome to this sacred space that serves as the portal to our Women's Spirit Circle. This monthly gathering is intended to be a safe, non-judgmental, place for women to come rest and find the power in their own truth.

$10 Suggested donation

Love, compassion, kindness, openness, and respect are the core values at the center of this circle.

Peace and connection to our own souls truth is the mission.

Stephanie Besson and Alexandra Leigh have collaborated in their similar mission to bring change to the world through health and wellness. After several months of weekly meetings the two have launched their first project of holding a type of support group for women whom are on a spiritual journey. It was through both their longing to find a supportive group where they could be empowered to live their individual truths in everyday life, that this group has formed.

Alexandra practices shamanic herbalism and Plant Spirit Healing. She is the founder of Triple Goddess Remedies, specializing in practical herbal needs which she operates out of her home in Easton CT. Alexandra also organizes ceremonies, incorporating healing frequencies and plant music with the aim of harmonizing with Mother Earth and evolving our DNA. From a young age Alexandra' grandmother instilled the love of plants into her, while her mother taught her about the Great Goddess and archetypal feminine powers. Her work comes from the lineage of her mentor Pam Montgomery in Danby VT, where she graduated her apprenticeship in Plant Spirit Healing from Sweetwater  Sanctuary. Communicating with and being guided by spirits is at the heart of everything Alexandra creates.

Stephanie is a Licensed Massage Therapist. The main intent of her work as a therapist is to bring peace to the soul. Before moving to Newtown CT in 2015, Stephanie lived in Norwalk where she held several women's circles and hosted other wellness practitioners and their workshops in her home. She founded the Health and Wellness Collaborative of Fairfield County in 2011 (which she put on hold when she became pregnant with her son). Stephanie fully stepped into her spiritual journey while on a trip to see John of God in Brazil in 2005, where she was inspired to engage in a more meaningful life.  She is committed to living out her purpose and to fulfilling her souls longing. Stephanie resides in Sandy Hook with her now 5-year-old son. Her heart sings when she sees her son growing and maturing into his own being, when she is able to assist clients as a LMT in feeling good, when she travels,  gardens, dances, hikes, and connects with others.

What one can expect: We open and close sacred space each time we come together with calling in the directions and other short prayers of intent and gratitude.  We do have different topics and exercises planned for each time we meet, however, we are not attached to them, as the goal is to allow a safe organic flow to unfold in our time together. While soft music plays a talking stick is used each time. (The Talking Stick is a tool used in many Native American Traditions in council where members are allowed to present their Sacred Point of View. The Talking Stick is passed from person to person as they speak and only the person holding the stick is allowed to talk during that time period. - Wikipedia)

~ We ask that all participants do their best, to show up without looking for what one can gain but more of what one can bring to the experience and allow what comes out of it to unfold naturally.

~ We also ask that everyone bring a sacred object or trinket that is important to them to place on the altar each time we meet.

~ The intent of the circle is not in any way to influence participants in a singular method of worshiping or ceremony or to change ones belief system but to support one another in finding (we will state again) the power in ones own truth and their way of getting there.

We are deeply honored and truly grateful to have the opportunity to hold this space for women and are committed to showing up until otherwise notified.

Looking forward to being with and seeing YOU in circle!!